Treat Your People To An Exclusive Private Webinar With Doug Noll

(And yes, it's completely free)

The Details

The Offer: A Free, Private 60 Minute Webinar by Doug Noll

Topic: How to Calm Down Any Person By Ignoring What They Say

Length: 60 minutes

Recording: Live-only, no recording

When: To be agreed upon

How Many: 100 maximum attendees

Platform: Zoom

Presenter: Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA

How to Reserve: Schedule a call with Doug


I'm trying something new and only for my podcast guests. I am blocking out time for 60 minute webinars from August to December. These webinars will be private and exclusive to the sponsoring guest. I am not charging a dime for these webinars. There will be no sales pitch or promotion other than a slide with my contact information and a separate slide with your contact information.

As a sponsoring guest, you may invite friends, family, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, investors, clients, customers, franchisees, or anyone you know to attend. Once you send them a link to the registration page, your work is done. This will be a great opportunity to provide value to your important business and personal relationships.

Of course, you are wondering why? What's the catch? The why is simple. I have life-changing, transformational skills to share. Our society is ripping apart because of social and political polarization. We need to start listening each other into existence. I want to reach as many people as practicable, starting with those that I know and trust. This is part of  my mission as a lawyer-turned-peacemaker.

As one of my podcast guests, you know a little about my work, and I know the value you bring as a leader. We can leverage our relationship to share the power of listening to a broader audience.

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