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“Counter intuitive, beyond the obvious, so damn awesome!”
S. G., Texas

“Oh man, where do I start?! Absolutely life-changing! Thank you, Doug! ”
A.Z., Texas

“Quite simply the single best seminar I have attended. Period.”
John Freud, Esq. New York and Miami

“Excellent. Thank you for another great program!”   “Thank you! Thank you!”  “You were wonderful and inspiring.”  “Very powerful, well-taught program. Courageous presentation.”
Comments from California attendees

“Throughout, the ‘comment-cards’ and verbal comments I received as Chair of these conferences showed what was so obvious to my Co-Chairs and myself, that Doug Noll is a superb speaker and presenter”.
Jerome Landeau, Co-Chair, Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute

Just a short note to thank you for an awe-inspiring presentation last week.  You had everyone’s rapt attention, which is really saying something on a Friday afternoon.  Personally, your remarks reminded me of the compassion, joy and adventure that are involved in mediation.  You really touched that spark within, which is probably the first time I’ve experienced that since I began in mediation over 20 years ago.  Thank you.
Gregg Relyea

“Whether you’re traveling from Santa Monica or Sanibel Island, getting to Pepperdine for a few days of training isn’t easy, and I don’t endorse any class lightly. That said, I’m happy to recommend a course I took last summer that’ll be taught again this June by Doug Noll and Don Philbin— because it’s just that good.”
John DeGroote, Settlement Perspectives

“This was truly the most interesting and valuable seminar I have attended in over 18 years of  practice. It introduced me to new concepts and techniques which have already been put to practical use in my sessions. In addition, it brought home the fact that techniques that I had already been using based on experience, instinct, trial and error were not simply aspects of the “art” of negotiation, but also the “science” of negotiation, bringing added structure and consistency in the use of those techniques.  Just one question.. When and where is the next one?”
Simon M. Harrison

“What a worthwhile, cutting-edge program. Thank you for a Don t Miss It event filled with new ideas, tools and strategies for us to move to the next level.”
Stephen G. Fischer

“After twenty five years of attending trainings in dispute resolution, the two days in Florida at the Ritz Carlton was a capstone. I was particularly anticipating Doug Noll’s material as I am interested in persuasion, resistance and the neuroscience of conflict so bought his book. He sent me his bibliography too! He kept all of us engaged, intrigued and in awe! Thank you. ”
Kay Elliott, Esq.

This course is incredibly powerful and given me many tools for my life and mediation practice. Every mediator and lawyer-any person, in fact,-would benefit from this training.
Marney Lutz, Scott Venturo LLP Calgary CA

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