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Practical Emotional Intelligence Training
Will Make Your Boss Value You Above All Others

As a lawyer turned peacemaker, Doug has learned the deep value of emotional intelligence. In the thousands of conflicts, large and small, he has been called to mediate, the origins of the dispute invariably result from low emotional intelligence. Doug sees emotional intelligence training as fundamental, and emotional intelligence is not something that is intuitive. Emotional intelligence training by Doug takes you on a journey through your brain and out into modern culture to give you insights into why people act the way they do. You come away with amazing new knowledge and skills that will work for you at your dinner table that evening.

Doug Noll offers a variety of keynotes and curriculums on emotional intelligence training,

Emotional intelligence training and keynote topics include:

  • The somatic, cognitive, and neurophysiologic components of emotion
  • The concept of emotional categorization and its opposite, alexithymia
  • Understanding the decision making systems in the brain
  • The four levels of reflective listening
  • The skill of affect labeling to de-escalate strong emotions
  • The skill of core messaging
  • The skill of results-based listening
  • Learning skills to deal with entrenched beliefs
  • Learning how to teach the skills forward

Each course and keynote is tailored for the needs of the client organization.