Decision Making Skills

Learn How to Make Great Decisions and Avoid Bad Decisions

Developing strong decision making skills takes training and practice. Whether you are a leader, a parent, or just someone wanting more happiness in life, honing your decision making skills can be a powerful addition to your life tool box.

As a professional mediator and peacemaker, Doug Noll spends his days helping people make difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty, risk, and ambiguity. He has developed academic and professional continuing education courses to develop decision making skills, including courses at the Pepperdine School of Law Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Our brains develop three basic decision making systems: the autonomic system, the algorithmic system, and the reflective system. Good decision making skills use the three systems appropriately. Bad decisions occur when the systems are not functioning property. Doug teaches you how these systems work. He shows you all of the decision making traps that occur to the uninformed and unwary. These traps include:

  • Lack of emotional regulation
  • Inability to hand off tasks from the autonomic mind to the algorithmic mind
  • Inability to create suspension for scenario planning and forecasting
  • Mindware problems such as ignorance, superstition, egoism, and strongly held beliefs
  • Lack of understanding and/or failure to apply the rules of logic, scientific inquiry, and probability analysis

Decision making skills rely on intuition, reasoning, risk assessment, and future planning. These skills are not generally taught in school. Instead, educators assume that through subject study, students will pick up decision making skills.

Doug Noll's keynote talks opens your mind to what is really going on in the black box we call the brain. You will learn how to make better decisions and recognize when you are heading towards decisional disasters. Doug will show you how to lead groups through a good decision making process to avoid the famous group-think problem revealed by Irving Janis in the 20th century.

Engage Doug to inspire and educate your audience on decision making skills.

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