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Learn How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

If you are concerned about the loss of respect and civility in daily life or about violence in your neighborhoods, consider bringing in Doug for de-escalation training. In his day-long de-escalation training workshop, your leaders and members will learn how to de-escalate strong emotions, solve problems, and create accountable agreements with everyone around them. Doug Noll has taught these skills for over 10 years in some of California’s most violent men’s and women’s prisons with remarkable results. His de-escalation training workshops are the culmination of years of research and experience in the Prison of Peace project.

These workshops are perfect for groups who want to bring something positive into their communities. Participants in the de-escalation training will learn how to calm an angry person in 90 seconds or less. For churches and faith communities, de-escalation training is a perfect way to express one’s religious and spiritual beliefs in a practice that brings peace to difficult situations.

Doug Noll offers a variety of curriculums that include a series of four hour lessons in the principles and practice business leadership, negotiation, and decision making skills, followed by weekly small group or individual coaching sessions. Over a 6-8 week period, participants begin to master the skills and change the way they see their world.

De-Escalation training topics include:

  • The somatic, cognitive, and neurophysiologic components of emotion
  • The concept of emotional categorization and its opposite, alexithymia
  • Understanding the decision making systems in the brain
  • The four levels of reflective listening
  • The skill of affect labeling to de-escalate strong emotions
  • The skill of core messaging
  • The skill of results-based listening
  • The skill of making accountable agreements
  • Learning skills to deal with entrenched beliefs
  • Learning how to teach the skills forward

Each course is tailored for the needs of the client organization.