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Keynote: Peacemaking In Troubled Times

lean into peacemaking with Doug Noll

Peacemaking Skills Must Be Learned and Practiced

Peace is not a noun.

If you live in troubled times, you have to create the peace you desire. Peace does not happen by itself; it arises from your action. Peacemaking is a constant, never-ending practice. Even when peace abounds, it must be maintained. When peace becomes someone else’s responsibility, conflict is sure to erupt.

Although we have the capacity for peace, we live in a society that values violence as a primary means of resolving conflict. Violence is also our entertainment. Our culture does not support or encourage peace or peacemaking. It is seen as impractical, soft, or unworkable. The media see peacemaking from a place of cynicism and disdain. This makes the work of peacemaking frustrating and difficult. Once you understand what peace can be, you see that the gratuitous violence does have to be that way.

Doug Noll teaches the essential skills of peace. He is an accomplished peacemaker, teacher, and trainer who has walked into some of the darkest places on the planet to teach peace. His methods are not based on touchy-feely, New Age, feel-good, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” ideas. His work is based on hard science, especially the evolving science of how human brains process peace and conflict. What he shows you is eye-opening and life changing.

Essential, practical peacemaking requires two skills: de-escalation of strong emotions and problem-solving. As you learn these basic peacemaking skills, you develop internal emotional intelligence. Practicing peace over time builds inner and outer peace.

Peace is not a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

In his keynotes and workshops, Doug teaches you and your group how to find and maintain peace, if the choice for peace is made.