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    Watch for an email from me
    The email from will have the survey links for you and for your team. If you don't receive an email from me, check your spam folder or email me at
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    Complete Your Survey and Distribute the Team Survey
    Click on the Leadership Listening Survey to complete your survey and distribute the Team Listening Survey link to your team. The more people that complete the survey, the better the data. The surveys will take 5 minutes to complete.
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    Schedule A Zoom Call With Me
    Wait a week to get the survey results in, then schedule an hour Zoom call with me on this link:  I'll send you the link in a separate email as well.
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    What To Expect
    We'll look at your survey results and compare them to the aggregate team results, looking for gaps and differences. We'll find the biggest gap and decide what listening skill will fill it. Then we will lean into that skill. If there are no significant gaps, we'll high-five.