Are You Truly Listening to Your Team?

Bridge the Gap

Gain some real data on your listening skills and stop guessing.

Then close the gap with specific skills enhancements.

Might You Be Over-Estimating Your Leadership Listening Skills?

You may believe that you are a good listener. But the question is, does your team feel the same? There is no way to know without doing a gap analysis. If you want to learn if there is the gap between your self-perception and how your team views your listening skills, you're in the right place. If there is a gap, I'll provide a coaching session to get you started on closing it.

Super-Charge Your Leadership Listening Skills

For just $497, you receive an unparalleled approach to leadership listening that will highlight any disparities and help you grow as a leader.

Dual Perspective Surveys

You the leader and your team members take separate surveys, ensuring honest feedback without any influence. All surveys except yours are anonymous.

Gap Analysis Report

In a Zoom meeting, we will examine the perceptual gaps regarding listening skills. This may be an eye-opener, showing you areas where your leadership listening skills are congruent with your team's perception and where they are not. The gaps inform you precisely what listening skills need improvement.

One-on-One Coaching Session

In our session, I will guide you through the listening skill needed to close the biggest gap. This session is tailor-made to address the individual nuances unique to you.

Leadership Listening Skills

are the most underrated aspects of success

Lead By Example

When your team members feel heard, they model their behavior after yours. Team culture improves automatically as you demonstrate effective listening as the leader.

Psychological Safety

Research shows that psychological safety in a team is the number one predictor of outstanding performance. Listening is the master skill that creates psychological safety.

Improved Decision-Making

When your team members feel deeply heard, they will offer up better ideas, be more creative, not be defensive or passive-aggressive, all leading to better decision-making and better business outcomes.

True Collaboration

Listening is the catalyst to collaboration. When you listen to your team from the team's perspective, not yours, your team members feel they are part of the process. They will collaborate instead of competing against one another and you.

The Gap Analysis Was Humbling and Transformative

"I thought I was a good listener until I saw the gap analysis report. It was a humbling experience, but the coaching session was transformative. My team now feels more heard, and our collaboration has never been better."

Sarah J.



Highly Recommended

"This program isn't just about improving listening skills; it's about becoming a better leader. Highly recommended!"

Peter S.

Senior VP


Holds The Key When It's Toughest

" I've faced pretty intense situations as an interim executive and change-agent-when-its-hard. This work holds the key to succeeding when it's toughest."

Marc H.

Interim CEO


Close The Leadership Listening Gap


Don't let the gap in listening perception hinder your leadership potential. Start your transformative journey to understand, grow, and lead with exceptional listening skills.