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clean doug a&w medium Doug Noll is a Powerful and Inspirational Keynote Speaker.

Doug is a sought-after keynote speaker at national conferences. He has an active international training and workshop schedule. From the Middle East to Asia to Europe and throughout North America, Doug teaches executives how to lead groups in difficult decision-making. He also teaches advanced mediation and conflict resolution skills and master negotiation workshops. Doug is a keynote speaker on listening and emotional intelligence, violence-reduction, and relationship building. has trained populations as diverse as inmates serving life sentences to middle and high school teachers to church groups to mental health professionals.

His approach is grounded in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. As a lawyer turned peacemaker, Doug has studied how the human brain processes decisions and problems in the face of uncertainty, high risk, limited facts, and stress. He has taken 40 years of experience and education and distilled down the principles into webinars, live workshops and keynote addresses.

Problem-solving difficult and intractable problems is almost always about emotions before rational thinking. Unless emotions are de-escalated, no amount of logic will shift to solutions. Doug’s most powerful workshop teaches you an entirely new way to work with emotions. Whether you are a parent, teacher, supervisor, or in any type of relationship, learning how to core message and affect label will open you eyes to the people around you. As you master these skills, your emotional intelligence will grow. Your ability to stay calm, connected, and empowered no matter what the situation will become your norm.

Oh man, where do I start?! Absolutely life-changing! Thank you, Doug!“–2015 Workshop Participant

Negotiation, Decision-Making, and Leadership

Doug also offer talks and workshops on negotiation, problem solving, decision-making, and leadership.  Doug has  taught Fortune 500 company executives the secrets to winning in serious business negotiations. He has  taught thousands of lawyers across the US and overseas how to obtain better settlement outcomes for their clients. The key is to recognize that all negotiations are emotional.

Decision-making is also mostly emotional. Human brains are born with the ability to make fast, effortless decisions. However, this capacity is deadly if you are not aware of its limitations. Drawing on his experience in thousands of negotiations, he explains the best ways to make certain your executive decision-making will lead to optimal results.

Based on the comments Doug receives from his participants, he am confident that his workshops will change forever the way you look at the world.

Doug's Topics

Decision-Making Skills For Leaders

Doug Noll’s keynote opens your mind to what is really going on in the black box we call the brain. You will learn how to make better decisions and recognize when you are heading towards decisional disasters. Doug will show you how to lead groups through a good decision making process to avoid the famous group-think problem revealed by Irving Janis in the 20th century.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence training by Doug takes you on a journey through your brain and out into modern culture to give you insights into why people act the way they do. You come away with amazing new knowledge and skills that will work for you at your dinner table that evening.

How to Turn Anger Into a Competitive Advantage

We live in angry times. Unfortunately, we have few role models in public life who demonstrate civility to those they disagree with. Perhaps your organization faces the same problem–too few role models of civility, understanding, and calm. In this keynote talk, Doug shows your audience why angry outbursts are all to common and explains the fundamental principle that turns anger into a competitive advantage: de-escalate–then problem-solve.

Developing Leadership Skills

The days of being a “Boss” are long past, yet the archetype remains firmly fixed for those in authority. Doug advocates abandoning the old “I’m the boss” model in favor of the more nuanced principles of adaptive leadership.

How to Listen

Listening is a skill that must be developed and mastered. Powerful listening is counter-intuitive which means that you will not pick up the skill on your own. You have to be taught how to listen. In his keynotes and workshops on listening, Doug take you through the four levels of reflective listening:

Negotiation Skills From A Master

Learning masterful negotiation techniques is like learning to play violin: it takes knowledge, practice, and time. Doug Noll shows you how to become a master negotiator in his keynote talks on negotiation.

Peacemaking in Troubled Times

Doug Noll teaches the essential skills of peace. He is an accomplished peacemaker, teacher, and trainer who has walked into some of the darkest places on the planet to teach peace. His methods are not based on touchy-feely, New Age, feel-good, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” ideas. His work is based on hard science, especially the evolving science of how human brains process peace and conflict. What he shows you is eye-opening and life changing.

Violence Reduction

Violence reduction is not something that someone else will take care of. According to Doug Noll, it’s not the responsibility of law enforcement, of city councils, of churches, or any other group to stop violence. It’s your responsibility. And he wants to show you exactly how violence comes about and what you can do every day to reduce its affliction on society.

As a professional mediator, a second degree black belt, and one who walks into maximum security prisons teaching murderers how to be peacemakers, Doug Noll has witnessed every conflict imaginable. “Violence,” he says, “comes down to the human brain.”