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headline talking about big result

Brief summary of the transformation described in the article following. No more than 3 sentences. Include specifics about the beginning of the journey and leads into the next paragraph under the image.

Story continues for 3-5 paragraphs under the image. Goes deeper into the journey and the process of discovery of the magic solution to the big problem.

Few sentences admitting the hero of he story is not an expert at the topic. The hero discovers the real expert - the affiliate offer's vendor - at the topic/niche and takes action to discover their secrets. This parapgraph contains a call to action to the affiliate offer in a form of a hyperlink.

This is where you make a call to action to go watch the free video or attend a free webinar. Basically, you're sending the visitor off to your affiliate link for the offer, that takes them to a sales presentation of some kind. This is where you need to make another call to action using a hyperlink.  

Remind the visitor the free video or webinar won't be free for long. Inject some scarcity to create a sense of urgency.  

One more call to action here