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<<niche>> Expert Reveals All: 'outrageous claim here'

Add some more information to help users understand your product. Keep it short and clear.

This presell page is written like a news site article, reporting on the opinion of an expert in an industry. If it's weight loss, then it could be a fitness expert. If it's health, then it could be a doctor. If it's making money, it could be a world-famous trader or a politician or a banker. The article's goal is to warm up the visitor to seeing the video sales letter or webinar where they will be able to learn more about the solution and make a buying decision. The article is split in two parts by an image below, that must peak reader's curiousity. The article must make at least 3 calls to action in a form of hyperlinks.

The article continue here until it makes the final call to action to watch the presenation or attend a free webinar

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About expert's full name here

Expert's 5-7 sentence bio describing their achievements and credentials. This gives the visitor a reason to believe their advice is credible and want to learn more.