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  • You Have A Dysfunctional Team
  • You Are Challenged By Managing Remote Teams
  • You (Or Your HR People) Are Facing Mass Resignations, Retention Issues, and Difficult Recruiting

What I believe the pandemic has revealed is that the foundational assumption of business as taught by business gurus, management consultants, and business school professors is fundamentally flawed.

The foundational assumption for generations has been that people and the business environments they work in are rational. In classical economic terms, people and organizations act to maximize their utility.

Employees are assumed to work to improve their status, create some wealth and financial security, and advance their careers.

Organizations are assumed to operate profitably for the benefit of shareholders.

Neuroscientists now tell us we can't even be rational unless we are emotional first.

The implication is that dysfunction, management of remote teams, and mass resignation is the logical outcome of expecting people to be rational when they are, in fact, emotional.

From my perspective, effective leaders need to incorporate critical thinking and decision-making skills that account for the emotionality of the organization and its component teams.


I don't believe that  listening to what employees say or write is good enough. They want to be heard by their leaders at a deep, emotional level.

The problem is, when leaders are in the "rational," task-focused brain mode, they cannot hear their team members.  Brain physiology is immutable--humans can be rational or social, but not both at the same time.

Leaders who eschew emotions for rationality will be utterly deaf to the deeper needs of their team members.

From a practical perspective, choosing the task-focused mode over the brains' social mode means:

  • Not being present for others.
  • Not listening. 
  • Not reflecting.
  • Not being compassionate.
  • Not being emotionally safe.
  • Not showing empathy.
  • Not understanding.

It's clear to me that post-pandemic leadership success relies on both the task-focused and social modes of the brain. One without the other leads to frustration and failure.

The Only Way To Build Trust And Rapport With A Team:

Listen To The Emotions, Not The Words!

I invite you to consider a learning journey to balance your task focused and social brain modes with my latest online course,

Developing Emotional Competency

Take the course entirely at my risk.

If it does not exceed your expectations and open your eyes to the way things really are, tell me within 30 days, and I'll happily refund your purchase price.

One word of warning, however: This course is full of paradoxes. But as you experiment with the skills, they will reveal themselves to be filled with the deepest and most ingenious truth.


One point must be made again, however. Clients say that this is probably the simplest—and most powerful—course they have ever taken.  No matter their upbringing, education, station in life, career, or education, they found this course life-changing—And anyone else can too, IF there is the courage to follow a few simple rules.

"I watch the fear-based energy transform into something empowering. It's alchemy! I'm 66 with a stoic Scottish upbringing, and there are no good emotional tools in that world. So with the many buried angsts that I now can observe, it's more than amazing to watch these transform.

With sublime respect and gratitude,

Joy Herhold

The principles and skills, although based on recent brain scanning studies, can be—and are—stated in a language a six-year-old child can understand. They can be grasped immediately—put to work in your life immediately.

"Your training has been the most profound life-changing work I have ever put my time and effort into.

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist graduating with high honors. My focus is cognitive rehabilitation with a specialty in neuroscience and brain injury. I tell you that only so you know I have read and studied a lot of material.

I learned more from you than all my work in grad school in reference to seeing the big picture.

Again, I just wanted you to know the impact you have made on my life and how grateful I am.

Tori Johnson

And they work. They are literally a new way to meet, and overcome, the painful and destructive situations team members set up for us in the business world. They are hard-headed and rudely-realistic. And, for those that have the courage to try them, they can make a breath-taking difference in life tomorrow!

"Some of Doug's techniques are simple enough that I was able to use them immediately, with profound effect.

Additionally, his approach is helping me to conserve mental and emotional energy while navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics, which has been invaluable for this working mom.

I highly recommend his training.

Elizabeth Arris, Lac


If, for any reason, this course does not exceed your expectation, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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Doug Noll is an award-winning author, speaker, and trainer.

He has trained leaders in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in his innovative techniques.

Doug's honors include California Lawyer Magazine Attorney of the Year, a Purpose Prize Fellow, and Best Lawyers of America Lawyer of the Year.