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Unleash The Power of Your Hidden Genius

Learn How to Master Your Emotions, Create Psychological Safety, And Be An Effective Leader

Develop your emotional competency… even if you have spent your life avoiding it!

It's All About Our Programming

We have been brainwashed into thinking that emotions are bad…chaotic…out of control. Remember back when you were a child and skinned your knee. You were probably told something like "Don't cry." Or, "Don't be a sissie." Or, "It doesn't hurt." You were told that feeling emotions and showing them was weak.

Basically, you were told to ignore that which makes you human… because until the advent of neuroscience, no one really knew anything about emotions... except that they caused nothing but trouble.

In the business world, it's even worse. Women cannot show anger; men cannot show compassion or sadness. You are taught that you have to be tough and in control at all times. No one wants a wimp around.

But here's the thing...and it can be a huge competitive advantage...

The complex neural networks that create your emotional experience is your hidden genius. When you master emotions, especially how to listen to emotions, everything changes. You unleash your hidden genius.

Do you want to become so good at what you do, literally nobody can ignore you? Do you wish you could rise above the self-imposed limitations, habits, and beliefs pulling you away from your fullest potential?

Maybe you just don't know how to manage your emotions. Maybe your feel stuck in your career. Maybe you are tired of being a jerk. Maybe you feel like your are the only one that does not know how to be successful.

Developing Emotional Competency is the first step of a new journey.

 You'll learn to spot problems before they become big, and you'll always have the right words to say.

And have you perhaps tried other conventional methods of personal growth and peak performance - only to find yourself falling short of the greatness you crave?

“What’s Really Holding Me Back? Are past patterns of struggle, uncertainty, emotional strain, self-doubt and weakness dis-empowering me in my life?"

"I feel so deeply dissatisfied with where my life is heading. That’s if it’s heading anywhere at all!  What if this is simply a sign that I need to change direction?"

Really, none of this is your fault.

Our society mistakenly teaches us that humans are rational beings….

The truth is radically different.

We Are 98% EMOTIONAL And Only 2% Rational.

98% emotional, 2% rational

When you make this mind shift, everything changes. Instead of being stuck in your head, you can develop that hidden genius within you. You will finally feel at ease with yourself and with others around you.

You're so overwhelmed by life, you keep making the same mistakes and letting opportunities slip away.

By developing your emotional competency, you can make better decisions, become more effective, and ensure the success of any situation.  

You'll be able to master new challenges and handle everything that comes your way.

You will be a sought-after leader.

What If You Only Had Two Months To Change Your Life?

You're about to go bankrupt if you don't raise $100,000. Or you'll lose a leg if you don't get a highly expensive operation... Or the love of your life will leave you if you can't quit a habit you've had for decades...

What would you do?

You don't have time for 10 years of therapy. You don't have time to read a shelf of self-help books. You don't have time to get an MBA, or even start networking to get help. And you don't have time to slowly change your health and lifestyle.

When people find themselves in this situation, they come to me.

How would you replace over 300,000 hours of negative conditioning? And get seemingly nearly-instant results, comparable to what would normally take YEARS (and tens of thousands of dollars) for private one-on-one therapy sessions?

I’ve trained corporate executives, family business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, therapists, teachers, lawyers, judges, sales teams, and lifers in maximum security prisons how to unlock the hidden genius within all of us.

And, I have trained senior analysts at the Congressional Budget Office…some of the most rational, smartest people I have ever met.

They needed to get results right now... For the inmates, it was life or death, literally.

That's probably not your situation, but if this worked for them, it will definitely will work for you!

The Secret: Become Emotionally Competent

Understand and learn how to listen to emotions instead of words to bypass all of your stress (When you don’t have even a trace of stress, you’ll develop the kind of resourcefulness you see Heroes demonstrate in action movies.)

Within 30 days, you will experience a profound personal transformation on a cellular level (yes, this will trigger the creation of new, empowering neural pathways in your mind).

Equip yourself with techniques and skills (all based on neuroscience) to turn yourself into a Super Performer at life.

Imagine Becoming Immune To Criticism

Criticism, whether it’s from your boss, family member, or even yourself, can wreak havoc on your mind and vibrations.

Discover how to become immune to it, while also turning yourself into a lightning rod for praise and constructive feedback that uplifts you.

Imagine knowing how to MELT away your fears, addictions, and anxieties. So you can start achieving your goals with far less resistance - whether it’s earning an extraordinary income, being a rock-star in your business or career, or excelling in your personal relationships.

Imagine knowing exactly how to respond to any conflict, argument, fight or other unproductive team behavior.

Imagine calming any angry person in literally seconds and have them thank you for doing so….even if, moments before, they were enraged at you.

Imagine creating true psychological safety for your team and watching it's productivity fly through the roof.

Imagine ending the backbiting, passive-aggressiveness, childish behaviors, and general emotional baggage that sucks the life out of your day.

Break free from the stubborn habits dragging you down. Reprogram your mind with the power of emotional competency - and watch how you can make listening to emotions an effortless part of your daily life.

Freedom From Overwhelm: You’ll learn how to channel your full presence and focus into the present moment. Making you far more productive and calm - even in the most challenging situations.

Here’s what people are saying about the course


I started working with Doug a few months ago in order to develop skills that would help de-escalate tension while sheltering-in-place with family. The techniques he teaches were very useful to that end. I have found myself incorporating them in many other situations as well, such as with patients and staff in the office, in dialogue with friends, and with my toddler son. Some of his techniques are simple enough that I was able to use them immediately, with profound effect. Additionally, his approach is helping me to conserve mental and emotional energy while navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics, which has been invaluable for this working mom. I highly recommend his training.

Elizabeth Arris LAc

I don't remember where or why I bought your book. However, it has been the most profound life-changing read I have ever put my time and effort into. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist graduating with high honors. I started my own clinical practice several years ago which is successful. My focus is cognitive rehabilitation with a specialty in neuroscience and brain injury. I tell you that only so you know I have read and studied a lot of material. Mr. Noll, your message was received with the utmost appreciation. Through your work, I am a much better person, therapist, mother, friend, wife, and all the other roles I play in life. This book should be a requirement for all clinical therapist to read. I learned more from your book that all my work in grad school in reference to seeing the big picture. Again, I just wanted you to know the impact you have made on my life and how grateful I am.

Tori Johnson

I just wanted to share with you an experience I had the other day when I reflected someone's emotional state back to them. I was in Target and was chatting with the cashier and asked how her day was going. She told me her day was not good and why it was not good. I got very quiet and still within myself, looked up at her and said, "You're fearful." The woman's flood gates opened and she started crying. When she was finished, I smiled, took her hand, looked into her eyes with complete acceptance, nodded to her, and left.

It also works with Alzheimer's people, but in a deeper more fundamental way. They do not remember my words, but a feeling of connection and being heard. The evidence is in their behavior. I'm not sure how long the effects are for them, but in the immediate behavior with early to middle stage Alzheimer's it seems to work thus far.

Jacqueline Thompson

The material on firmly held beliefs particularly blew me away. No wonder we have so much trouble communicating with each other! I do want to thank you for the course and what you have taught me. It has benefited me in a number of ways, including in my personal relationships. All the best,

Joe Garrett

Hi Doug, I have been following you for more than a year and practicing affect labeling I have been also following the weekly Thurs teachings and sharings. I have such good deep results...mostly for myself in my studies. I take whatever emotion that besets me and observe it taking the journey to my frontal cortex. I watch the fear-based energy transform into something empowering. It's alchemy! I'm 66 with a stoic Scottish upbringing, and there are no good emotional tools in that world. So with the many buried angsts that I now can observe, it's more than amazing to watch these transform. With sublime respect and gratitude, Joy!

Joy Herhold

Dear Doug: I wanted to let you know just how powerful and useful I have found the affect labeling and other skills I learned from you. In fact, the most recent example occurred just this morning.

Mark Baer


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Transform Your Life With Emotional Competence

Developing Emotional Competency is an online course that will give you the knowledge and skills essential to life, leadership, and success. This course is for executives, managers, directors, and leaders who wish to change their world. 

Developing Emotional Competency

The basic course, Developing Emotional Competency, contains four modules.


Module 1: Introduction

You will learn about the course and what emotional maturity is all about. Just because we grow into adulthood does mean that we are emotionally mature.


Module 2: Emotions and Affect

Developing emotional competency requires you understand the science of emotions. We will do a bit of diving into neuroscience to understand what emotions are, why we have them, and how what happens in our brains and body creates complex emotional systems that we can learn to control.


Module 3: Affect Labeling

We will introduce you to the first deadly sin, emotional invalidation, and its antidote, affect labeling. When you are able to read the emotional experiences of others and reflect those experience back, you are well on your way to developing your emotional competency.


Module 4: Using Metaphors 

Learn how to use metaphors as a tool of emotional reflection, and begin building your metaphor library.

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About The Course Teacher, Doug Noll

Doug Noll is an award-winning author, speaker, and trainer.

Doug is the co-founder of the award-winning Prison of Peace Project. He has trained mediators and leaders in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in his innovative peacemaking and mediation processes.

Doug's honors include California Lawyer Magazine Attorney of the Year, a Purpose Prize Fellow, and Best Lawyers of America Lawyer of the Year.

Everything You Need To Know To Develop Emotional Competency

Turn your negative emotions into smart choices… even if you have had to shut down your feelings to survive in your career!

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