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About Doug Noll

I’ve been in professional practice for over 35 years as an attorney, mediator, and peacemaker. For the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself to understanding the emotional and biological origins of human conflict. With this knowledge, I have developed a unique set of skills that work the first time, every time. I work in places as diverse as Fortune 500 executive suites and maximum security prisons, teaching these deep skills. If you want to change your world and life, take a look at the resources I have put up here.

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Experiences with Doug

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Talks & Training

It’s Pure Magic

Offered as a 1,2 or 5 day intensive, this workshop will change forever the way you see the world. You will learn how listen for core messages, read emotional data fields, and recognize discursive positioning. You will be able to calm an angry adult or child in 90 seconds or less and move them into problem-solving. These courses have reduced violence in schools and prisons and repaired countless relationships.

Doug Noll’s Workshops and Talks

On-Line Courses

It’s Pure Magic Online

This 2 1/2 hour online workshop teaches the deep empathic listening skills essential to any human being. $49.99 includes the video lessons and the workbook. Do this with a trusted friend.

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Negotiation Mastery for the Legal Professional

These online short and long courses teach you how to negotiate and settle legal disputes. Many of the concepts apply to negotiating in business and life as well.

Problem-Solving for Life

This is a 24-40 hour course that teaches you problem-solving in any life situation. Based upon the award-winning curriculum of the Prison of Peace Project, you will begin with an intensive in deep listening and problem-solving, learn how to manage a group in conflict, and learn the essentials of interest-based decision-making.

Doug Noll’s Workshops and Talks

Advice & Wisdom Webinars

Every 6 weeks, I offer a free webinar answering your questions about life, relationships, and money.

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Mediation and Arbitration Services

I am an internationally-recognized full-time professional mediator, peacemaker, facilitator and arbitrator, specializing in deep, intractable, and highly emotional conflicts.

Murderers to Peacemakers

In this 60-90 inspirational talk, I talk about my award-winning Prison of Peace Project, co-founded with my colleague Laurel Kaufer.

Doug Noll’s Workshops and Talks

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