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Events & Interviews


National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, August 17-19, Toronto, “Micro-Interventions and De-Escalation in Mediation”

Southern California Mediation Association, Webinar, September 22, “Decision-Making and Rationality in Mediation and Negotiation”

Mediators Beyond Borders, Annual Conference, October 2-5, The Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands, “De-Escalation Strategies for Diplomats, Lawyers and Judges in International Conflicts”

Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine School of Law, Professional Skills Development Program, October 19-21, Nashville TN, “Preventing Impasse and Bad Settlement Decisions”

Lorman Education Services, National Webinar, November 9, “Strategies to Tame Incivility and Boost Cooperation in the Workplace”

Prison of Peace Circle Keeper Training, Peacemaker Training, and Trainer Training, on-going in 6 California prisons throughout the fall.

Strategies to Tame Incivility and Boost Cooperation in the Workplace Now available via Lorman Education Services.




12/30/20 New Human Living Radio with Les Jensen

12/21/20 Efficiency on Demand with Monique Lidner

11/21/20 The On-Call Empath-Life After Trauma

11/13/20 Guru Please

09/04/18 Last First Date Radio

11/15/17 Get Over It! Podcast

7/27/17 “Morning Connection News Blog” with Host Joe Taylor

8/3/17 “Amy’s Table” with Host Amy Tobin

8/3/17 “Public Interest Podcast” with Host Jordan P. Cooper

8/4/17 “People of Distinction” with Host Al Cole

8/8/17 “WBEL/Big Radio” with Host Ted Ehlen

8/9/17 “Stir It Up” Listen To Interview HERE

8/21/17 “The Moore Show” with Host Kevin Moore

8/21/17 “Kindred Spirit” with Host Lynn Andrews

8/22/17 “CoreBrain Journal” with Host Dr. Parker available on iTunes

8/22/17 “Savvy Business Radio” with Host Christina Nitschmann

8/23/17 “iHeart Communities” with Host Jade Harrell

8/28/17 “The Jenny McCarthy Show” with Host Jenny McCarthy on Sirius XM

8/28/17 “Main Street” with Hosts Doug Hamilton & Ashley Thornberg

8/31/17 “Beyond 50 Radio” with Host Daniel Davis

8/31/17 “The Kat James Show” with Host Kat James on Sirius XM

9/1/17 “The Quantum Leap Let Light Unite” with Host Cathy Bilsky

9/4/17 “The Senior Zone” with Host Shawn Perry

9/5/17 “Life Mastery Radio” with Hosts Todd Alan and Coach Debby

9/6/17 “The Spotlight” with Host Tony Durso on iTunes

9/6/17 “Choose Positive Living” with Host Sara Troy

9/7/17 “Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life” with Host Joan Herrmann

9/7/17 “The Inspiration Show” with Host Natalie Ledwell

9/8/17 “Harvesting Happiness” with Host Lisa Cypers Kamen

9/8/17 “Share Your Mission” with Host Winn Henderson on iTunes

9/9/17 “bREATHE AGAIN MAGAZINE RADIO” with Host Nicole Cleveland

9/10/17 “IE Radio” with Host Shirley Maclaine

9/11/17 “Bringing Inspiration To Earth” with Host Robert Sharpe

9/14/17 “Blue Collar Proud Show” with Hosts Taylor Hill and Carter Harkins 

9/15/17 “The Christine Upchurch Show” with Host Christine Upchurch

9/16/17 “Talk With Francesca” with Host Francesca Luca

9/18/17 “Legendary Lifestyle” with Host Chad E. Cooper

9/18/17 “Mind Matters Radio” with Host Ajayan Borys

9/18/17 “Manager Mojo” with Host Steve Caldwell available on iTunes

9/19/17 “Here’s to Your Health” with Host Joshua Lane

9/19/17 “Hollywood & West Napa on 91.3 FM” with Host Cat Smith

9/20/17 “Bright Side with Tekneshia” with Host Tekneshia Day

9/20/17 “Energy Stew” with Host Peter Roth

9/20/17 “The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast” with Host Emmitt Muckles

9/20/17 “Dreams Unzipped Radio” with Host Kelly Sullivan Walden

9/21/17 “That Business Show 2.0” with Host Jamie Meloni available on iTunes

9/23/17 “Spiritual Downloads” with Host Anna Stephenson

9/23/17 “What Women Must Know” with Host Sherrill Sellman

9/25/17 “The Dr. Pat Show” with Host Dr. Pat Baccili

9/25/17 “DR. BRIAR LEE MITCHELL Radio show” with Host Dr. Briar Lee 

9/25/17 “Moments With Marianne” with host Marianne Pestana

9/29/17 “A Fine Time for Healing” with Host Randi Fine

10/16/17 “Soulful Living” with Host Teri Williams

10/17/17 “Last First Date” with Host Sandy Weiner

10/17/17 “Get Over It! Podcast!” with Host Monique Chapman

10/17/17 “The Dr. Debra and Therapist Kelli Show” with Hosts Dr. Debra and Kelli 

10/20/17 “Healthy You! Radio” with Host Dr. Keesha

11/13/17 “11:11 Talk Radio” with Host Simran Singh

11/14/17 “From My Mama’s Kitchen Talk Radio” with Host Johnny Tan

11/26/17 “A Book and a Chat” with Host Barry Eva

12/1/17 “The Wellness Blueprint” with Hosts Dr. Maiysha Clairborne and Elliott Robinson 

1/13/18 “Been There Done That Show” with Host Marsha Stafford

4/13/18 “Paranormal Talk Radio” with Hosts Big Ray and KB

5/28/18 “Conversations About Divorce” with Host Mandy Walker

6/14/18 “Ask the Expert” with Host Steve Sleeper