Negotiation Techniques | Skill Development & Keynote Talk

Learn Advanced Negotiation Techniques from a Master

Learn negotiation techniques from Doug Noll

Learning masterful negotiation techniques is like learning to play violin: it takes knowledge, practice, and time. Doug Noll shows you how to become a master negotiator in his keynote talks on negotiation.

Here are some of the negotiation techniques that Doug talks about:

  • Understanding that negotiation is a mixed motive problem
  • Tactics for managing the mixed-motive problem
  • The attributes of a master negotiator and how to develop them
  • Interest-based vs. distributive negotiation and why mastering both forms is essential
  • The 10 essential steps in preparing for negotiation
  • Understanding the many meanings of justice, and why negotiation is often about perceived justice
  • How create concession plans using advanced scenario modeling techniques
  • Understanding how we make decisions in negotiation and why we are wrong so often
  • How to deal with bullies, liars and cheats without losing your cool

Doug has taught advanced negotiation techniques to lawyers, mediators, judges, corporate leaders, among many others. His talks are acclaimed as best in the field.

A thorough, sophisticated course that goes far beyond the usual “Introduction to Legal Negotiation” workshops. Sound theory based on current scientific research, coupled with honest practical advice. Apply the lessons learned in this course, and your negotiations and mediations will instantly become more productive.Amazing ability to bring esoteric concepts to life. Very practical and day to day helpful.Amazing ability to bring esoteric concepts to life. Very practical and day to day helpful.
One of the best lectures I’ve had. Very engaging.

Engage Doug to teach your group in masterful negotiation technique.